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Join the World of JavaScript

As software revolutionizes the world around us, the making of software itself is evolving quickly. Outdated methods of building IT products and managing teamwork are not efficient or competitive anymore. The future belongs to solution providers who care about the products they create.

Simple – creating connections and doing deals. The show offers an environment created for retail and leisure brands as well as alternative income operators, where property opportunities are shared and insight about the market is exchanged.
With the development of alternative income sources, new leasing structures such as meanwhile-use and pop-up, it’s never been a more important time to share ideas and develop opportunities for investment and expansion.


HR, New York
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Workshop Highlight

  • Building Reusable JavaScript Web Components
  • React Workshop: From Zero to App
  • Event-driven development and architecture
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Team of Organizers

Strategy Director

Nelson Douglas

Project Manager

Monique Lovell

Strategy Director

Kevin Allen

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Our center is open from 10 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday.

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